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Dedicated Privacy Server


Our Dedicated server in Switzerland products enable you to rent state of the art server hardware, which includes the needed software, the internet connection and the IP addresses. There are many advantages when hosting your applications on a Swiss Dedicated Server. Whether you want to switch to a safe and secure server hosting or a offshore server to improve your data security or to start a new business, it is vital to have a reliable server provider. With our dedicated server Switzerland solutions we pride ourselves in providing privacy servers for secure Windows servers, secure managed servers and private storage servers for businesses of all sizes.

Secure Disk Encryption

Increase security by encrypting your data on your dedicated server. The encryption is designed to meet NIST approved standards. The Encryption is based on hardware encryption and utilizes the XTS AES 256 bit algorithm for data encryption specified by NIST. HP Secure Encryption enables enterprises to comply with the data privacy and protection requirements.

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